Harvest Construction LLC
Best Bath Systems- Safe bathing for people of all abilities.  Commercial quality showers with pan systems leveled and tapered to drain.  Composite wall systems with a plywood core allows total freedom to place grab bars and seats to meet your needs.  Wall sections use authentic ceramic tile.  The design saves significant installation time.  The products provide a  professional look and safe accessible design, at a reasonable cost.

EZ-ACCESS- The leading name in portable, threshold, and modular ramps.  Architecturally designed for a clean, modern appearance.  Made with a permanent non-skid surface, sides are finished and flush, no hazardous nuts or bolts protruding.  There is a 850 pound weight capacity, 36" standard ramp widths with 48" and other custom widths available.

Citadel- floor finishing systems.  Seamless flooring systems are designed to produce, long-term, seamless floor protection resistant to wear, chemical attack, and dirt penetration.

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